Woosh through space as SuperCasaNova, a handsome young astronaut-guy in a tuxedo!
With his charming looks he can get anyone he so desires! The problem is this hover-lover can't find anyone.
Looks might not kill, but they do steal hearts...
So be quick, before the universe cockblocks you once again
Gather your materials and use your charm to make living (or non-living things, don't ask me about it) obey you! And thus you will create the most beautiful, inviting little planet for luring your future extraterrestrial partners!


As part of DEVJAM #1

I made this game to fit the tameable theme, with my own spin. You have to collect stuff (By being charming ;) hence making it follow you.) I thought this was more interesting than resorting to "magic" narrative-wise.


~[]  PixelBoII  []~


PICO-8 Cartridge 21 kB

Development log


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After my first successful attempt to jump to the planet on the right I jump to just above the walkable area right of it. this soft-locked the game, instead of either pulling me into the walkable area or pulling me back to the planet.

Yes! I am aware of this bug, and will work on this.

I will probably post an update this evening. Stick around!

Thanks for playing :)